Our Journey Ends :)

Since day 1 we worked so hard to make Optimistnet a great social network and we have managed to reach moderate success. In just few month we had more than 30,000 registered users, 100,000 posts and almost 200,000 visitors a month.

However as we progressed with the project we managed to collect very vital pieces of information that helped us realize that we need a totally different kind of project in order to fulfill our ambition.

We could have continued with Optimistnet and maintained that moderate success but because our desire to create the next big thing is so big we decided to stop working on the project and to start something fresh based on a totally different concept.

We want to thank each and every wonderful person who helped us grow through this amazing experience-rich journey.

You might also want to check the project we are currently working on , Speeli.com, which is a website that summarizes everything. We would be very thankful if you can give us support

Thank you so much for all the great things you did for us : )
M.Farouk Radwan , The Founder of Optimistnet